30 Aug
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Introduction to contemporary Endodontics

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On this online course on primary endodontic treatment, you will be updated on the latest biological and technical concepts and procedures for predictable outcomes. We will start discussing the etiological factors involving in endodontic disease and the biological involvement on the pulp and periapical tissues. It will also be addressed the internal root canal anatomy and the challenges we encounter daily to clean out the pulp tissue and the biofilms from these complex areas.

Bridging the biological and clinical part, we will present a predictable endodontic diagnostic system and treatment plan. In the clinical aspect, we will be demonstrating and discussing the importance of using high magnification such as loupes and microscopes during endodontic therapy. This will follow by several clinical tips for access cavity, scouting the root canals, and create a glide path to the apical foramen.

It will be presented a new and predictable way to instrument the root canal by using a heat-treated NiTi instrument to reach all irregularities of the complex internal root canal anatomy. These are the newest 3D heat-treated NiTi files. During the instrumentation of the complex root canal system, the proper irrigation solutions must be used in a systematic sequence. This is to reach areas where the mechanical instrumentation is not able to do so.

An evidence-based irrigation protocol will, therefore, be presented. On the obturation part, the newest pre-mixed bioceramic material will be discussed focusing on its biological advantages and the clinical protocols to use them during the final steps of endodontic therapy. 

This course will be a combination of theoretical lectures and live demonstrations through different cameras and broadcasted directly from the Colosseum Academy in Oslo.


  • Introduction of the biological factors of the endodontic disease
  • Described the internal root canal anatomy
  • Endodontic diagnosis
  • Microscopy in endodontics
  • Access cavity, scouting and glide path; instruments and techniques
  • Predictable instrumentation of the root canal with 3D NiTi technology
  • Irrigation protocol
  • Obturation materials and techniques



”I really enjoyed this course and found it most useful. As an endo specialist, I always keep my professional knowledge up-to-date and have attended many courses during my career. The endodontics course by Dr Gilberto Debelian offered a thorough insight into contemporary endodontics and the biological principles related to endodontic treatment. I found it among the best-structured courses I have ever attended. I can warmly recommend this course to every dentist practising endodontics, including endodontic specialists.” 
Erika Laukkanen, Finland
"The Colosseum Academy Endodontics webinar course was a real success, I took so much on board from Dr Gilberto Debelian, a real professionist specialist in Endo. The teaching and learning experience were very enjoyable and I will for sure participate to the hands-on course in Oslo. The pre course videos and hands out were very well done and constituted a very good base to grasp. Many thanks for this course online!"
Valentina, UK
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