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Online course in Oral Surgery

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About this course

Surgery is mechanical manipulation in a biological environment. Non-traumatic treatment of the tissues involved is the most critical factor. Keeping the operation area aseptic is also mandatory. Suitable instruments and ways to facilitate good vision will better the result. But - the target of this course is knowing WHY and HOW to perform the oral surgery procedures.


  • Pre-treatment procedures as surgical instruments and hygiene routines. Basic principle's
  • Diagnosis establishment through patient history, clinical examination and different x-ray examinations.
  • Treatment planning based on diagnostic work and considering anatomical hazards. Also bearing in mind the patients wishes and expectations, and possible problems related to the patient's health and medical status. Who should perform the actual treatment planned.
  • Surgical procedures are focusing on Biopsies, Extraction of teeth and roots and removal of totally or partially Embedded teeth. Demonstrated through different patient cases. When and how to raise a flap. Bone removal and tooth sectioning. Basic suturing technique's. 
  • Complications as pain, alveolitis and haematoma. Prophylaxis and treatment.

*In case that we have not reached the minimum number of participants needed on each scheduled course, the webinar date may be moved to another date. Participants will be informed well in advance.

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