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All learning and development activities for all staff in all Colosseum markets. Supported and coordinated at Group level. Most trainings are organised locally; however Group coordinated training will be announced on this webpage.

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Focus trainings encompass 3 categories:

  1. Trainings provided by our existing partners/suppliers
  2. Local Trainings that have been developed in the markets
  3. Trainings provided by our University partners

What you will find here:

Learning and development opportunities for all of our staff to provide operational excellence and high quality to our patients, both medical and business-related trainings.

Here you will find a general calendar with learning and development activities across all Colosseum markets. The listed activities are supported and coordinated at the Group level.

Group coordinated training will be announced on this webpage. Most trainings will be organised and executed locally. Separate calendars per country are under development and will be included on this website.

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