We are very proud of the Colosseum Dental Group Academy, offering a digitalized Master Curriculum Program for dentists and specialists. See what the first participants to complete the digital course in Endodontics and Prosthodontics say about the course.



"I think this Endo course is a must for dentists who want to refresh their knowledge in endodontics or for those who want to initiate a specialization process. I was surprised by the kindness and the respect shown to all the participants by Gilberto, no matter our respective levels. He is a true Endo Master and a Great Teacher."

Dr. Benjamin Herpe, France


“Thank you for a great lecture! Endo feels fun again. I'm really looking forward to the next one, and if possible hands-on in the Colosseum Academy clinic.” Elin, Sweden


"The Colosseum Academy Endodontics webinar course was a real success, I took so much on board from Dr Gilberto Debelian, a real professionist specialist in Endo. The teaching and learning experience were very enjoyable and I will for sure participate to the hands-on course in Oslo.

The pre course videos and hands out were very well done and constituted a very good base to grasp.

Many thanks for this course online!!!

Valentina, UK


"It has been so helpful and changed a lot in the way that I'm doing my endos, using my materials, and general dentistry." Joanna, Sweden


”I really enjoyed this course and found it most useful. As an endo specialist, I always keep my professional knowledge up-to-date and have attended many courses during my career. The endodontics course by Dr Gilberto Debelian offered a thorough insight into contemporary endodontics and the biological principles related to endodontic treatment. I found it among the best-structured courses I have ever attended. I can warmly recommend this course to every dentist practising endodontics, including endodontic specialists.” Erika Laukkanen, Finland 


I can really recommend the master curriculum training in endodontics. The training is very interesting and easy to complete and gives you an update on the latest biological and technical concepts and procedures for predictable outcomes. It lifts endodontics to new levels and you just want to get started.»  Lars Armbäck, Sweden


“The endodontic course has been a very interesting and well-done lecture and it has been very helpful in my daily clinical practice.” Annamaria, UK.


“Thank you for including us to your fantastic course. I would highly recommend this course to every dentist regarding earlier experience in endodontics.» Aylin, Sweden.



"I enjoyed the course as a prosthodontist and I believe the material is up to date and clinically relevant. I particularly liked the discussions on intraoral scanners which was brought in from both a clinical and scientific point of view."

"I found Henrik to be excellent in his role. Experienced, calm, reliable. I enjoyed watching the course. It felt like the future!"


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