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In 2019 The Colosseum Dental Group established Colosseum Academy dedicated to continuing education programs to the entire clinical team within the company. On this website, you will find all available online and onsite courses. Welcome and enjoy this educational journey.

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Advanced Curriculum Program

This is a scientifically and evidence-based program for dentists at a global, world-class level. All the modules can also be taken seperately as a single course. The Advanced Curriculum Program will be conducted both online and at the training centre in Oslo, Norway. 

Focus Training

This category includes all learning and development activities for staff in all Colosseum markets. They are supported and coordinated at the Group level. 


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Courses in 2023 are available for booking!

We are proud to announce our 2023 Academy course calendar. We have various international blended learning offerings with wonderful speakers and faculty.

All our digital modules of the Advanced Curriculum Program are running for a full calendar month each month throughout the year. 


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Outstanding Care

The objective of our Colosseum Academy is to provide continuous education to our staff to ensure outstanding care for our patients.

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"This course was excellent in every aspect! The facilities and equipment in Colosseum Academy are great. It was a pleasure to do the hands-on training with microscopes and CBCT available. There was a good balance between lectures and hands-on training – I give all credit to Gilberto for excellent teaching!"

- Erika Laukkanen, Endodontist, Oral, Finland

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Focus Training

Frequently Asked Questions

The Advanced Curriculum Program is a scientifically and evidence-based program for dentists at a global, world-class level. It is composed of online courses and hands-on courses in our facility in Oslo, Norway. 

Focus Trainings cover various learning and development activities for all staff. Focus Trainings can be coordinated on Group-level or locally in the operating countries, and our partners can offer the materials.

All dentists and specialists are eligible to enrol to the Advanced Curriculum Programme. 

CDG is committed to offering ongoing learning, education and development of our clinical teams and ultimately constantly improving the quality of services available to our patients. 

The ability to access education as we may have done in the past has been affected; therefore, the need to be able to offer training and education digitally is now very much part of our requirement.

The online Advanced Curriculum Program focuses on three disciplines: endodontics, prosthodontics, and surgery.

The online curriculum program is provided and accessible through the Academy website. Each discipline contains 1-2 modules. Each module includes 3 to 4 on-demand lectures in a video format with both theoretical instructions and hands-on demonstrations, in addition to several course documents. The participants enrolled in these courses will have access to this material during the specific calendar month which the participant has enrolled to. The participants can receive a certificate and be eligible to participate in the onsite hands-on course in Oslo on the specific module and discipline.

Each online module within the Advanced curriculum program costs 25 Euros, and the payment is made when registering for the selected course. Payment can be made with your credit card. 

Each hands-on course varies in price ranging from 600 to 1500 euros depending on the number of days and the specific course. 

Focus Trainings will vary in price; however, most of the trainings will be free. Please check the course page.

When completing registration for one of the online courses, you will get access to the course material through "My Courses" on the starting date. There will be videos to watch and documents to download. You can watch the videos as many times as you want on your devices, but you will not be able to share, redistribute or download the videos. When this is completed, you will be eligible for the onsite- courses within the particular discipline.