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General Terms and Conditions– Colosseum Dental Group Academy

Version 10.2020


These General Terms and Conditions (“General Terms”) apply to the relationship between the Colosseum Dental Group Academy, acting through Colosseumklinikken AS (“Colosseum”), and its registered users and participants (“user” or “participants”) regarding the use of the content of the Colosseum Dental Group Academy website (“CDG Academy website “ or “website”) and the participation in courses and education programs.

By using the CDG website (www.academy.colosseumdental.com) or registering to participate in courses or downloading materials provided by the website, you confirm that you have read and accepted these General Terms. These General Terms form an integral part together with the information given in written by Colosseum with the registration and application the contract between Colosseum and the registered users and participants of the website and the education program.

If you are an employee of the Colosseum Dental Group, you confirm by using the website or registrating to participate in courses or downloading materials provided by the website to use the CDG website (www.academy.colosseumdental.com) in a manner consistent with Colosseum Dental Group policies and procedures and in full compliance with all applicable laws.

1. The Purpose and the users of the Colosseum Dental Group Academy and its website

The objective of the Colosseum Academy is to provide continuous education to our staff and to other persons in the dental healthcare field to ensure outstanding care for the patients. Colosseumoffers online and on-site training courses and training materials for the Academy´s Master Curriculum Program as well as Focus trainings on various medical and business related subjects.

Colosseum is the provider of the website (www.academy.colosseumdental.com). The CDG Academy website is a website published for the purpose of publishing educational content and course materials for the users of the website and giving access through registration to specific course content.

The CDG Academy website is a component of the Colosseum´s educational training service and content offering. The CDG website can also include materials from partnering organisations or other parties accessible through links. Colosseumcan transfer user information with the consent of the user to other service providers to enable the user to access content from partners such as webinars or videos. The user must acknowledge the Terms of Service of these services hosted outside the CDG Academy website domain before the use of these services in compliance with the respective service. Links to external sites and services do not create a legal agreement between Colosseum and the external service.)

The use of the CDG website is voluntary and corporate e-mail accounts of Colosseum or its affiliates, as well as private e-mail accounts, can be used for registration. 

2. The use of the CDG website

2.1 Availability

As user, you can access the content of the CDG Academy website via company tools, private (mobile) devices and, using a browser version, from the internet in order to use the options provided.

Colosseum and the providers of the website retain the right to modify the website and especially to develop it further. There is no claim of compatibility, availability or full functionality of the website.

2.2 Using the CDG Academy website and registrations

  • The user is obliged to register with their full name.
  • The user agrees to abide by the legal provisions when using services on the website.
  • The user agrees to register with corporate or private credentials he or she has a right to use.
  • The user agrees to use lawful means of payment for the subscriptions and participation through the CDG website.

The user agrees to report any violations of these General Terms by e-mail or via appropriate features provided on the website. In the event of violations, Colosseum and the provider of the website is entitled to carry out sanctioning measures.

The registration and course application will define which services (seminars, courses, Master Curriculum Program) will be performed by Colosseum to a specific registered user.

2.3 Security

Obligations and responsibilities: By using the CDG Academy website and registering as a participant for courses and trainings or downloading educational material offered on the website, you agree that you

  • will use the website only for the purposes described in these General Terms.
  • will avoid taking any measures that might threaten the security and stability of the CDG Academy website. This includes, in particular, that you will not knowingly interfere with the software of the website, penetrate the provider’s data networks, or transmit any viruses, trojans or other malicious programs.
  • will refrain from trying to circumvent security mechanisms, intercepting any data electronically or manually for purposes of misuse or performing other types of hacking attempts.
  • will not violate any laws, regulations or other legal norms when using the website.
  • will keep user IDs and passwords as well as other access data confidential, not disclose them to unauthorised third parties, take measures that are suitable and appropriate for current requirements to protect them from access by third parties and notify the CDG Academy´s support without delay if there is a suspicion that the user name and password might have become known to unauthorised persons. In this instance, the provider will block the access of the user and provide new access data. The user is liable for any damage caused by third party use of the user’s access data.

Furthermore, here as well as elsewhere you are strongly advised to protect your smartphone and/or tablet against unauthorised access by locking its screen (e.g. with a PIN, password, unlock pattern or fingerprint).

Mobile devices must always be operated with a legally acquired operating system maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Users are not allowed to use “jailbreaks” or “rooted” devices when using the CDG Academy website.

3. Price and Payment

The prices of the courses and education programs are indicatied in the application process and by  confirming the registration, the application and price is binding.

The use of private devices and browsers is based on the voluntary participation of both parties. The User bears the expenses for utilisation of telecommunications and internet services for the use of the website.

The users bares costs for the courses he or she registers to and is responsible for the registration and payment of the courses. The User is responsible for coordinating the payment of possible reimbursements offered by a Colosseum country organisation to enhance corporate learning and development objectives after full payment of the course. The prices and full costs of the courses are due within the completion of the registration and shall be payed through an external payment provider by credit card.

4. Liability

Colosseum plans, organises and realises the courses and educational programs and choses the content to be published on the website diligently.

Colosseum shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly resulting from the participants taking part in the courses, or by the specific implementation in practice by the participants or any of its employees of any content or knowledge transferred under or in connection with the CDG website.

The liability of Colosseum shall in any event be limited to 50% of the price payed for the course or educational program.

Any necessary insurance for the participation of the courses and educational program are in the responsibility of the participants.

5. Termination and Changes

If a certain minimum number of registrations is not reached in courses or education programs where this is necessary for the best transfer of knowledge, Colosseum reserves the right not to hold the event. Registered users will be informed as soon as possible. In this case, Colosseum will offer the participants a new date or the participation fees will be refunded.

Colosseum reserves the right to change the lecturer or content of the courses.

A participant may cancel his or her subscription to a course or educational program free of charge until 14 days before the start of the course or educational program. For any cancellation between 14 days and 7 days prior to the start of the course or educational program, 50% of the course fee will be due. For any cancellation 7 days or closer to the start date of a course or educational program or any no show/no participation at the event, the full course fee is due.  Colosseum will use best efforts to accommodate a request for a change to another date once within each course module based on availability and timing of the request.  

6. Intellectual property

The content of the website is copyrighted and belongs to Colosseum, where the content is produced or modified by us. Copyrights for any documentation or content handed over to a participant shall remain with Colosseum or the respective lecturer, as the case may be.

The use of the Copyrights for internal purposes of the participants shall be permitted. Any further use of the documentation shall require a separate agreement between the user and the respective owner of the Copyrights. We may share links or materials or provide access to content from other sources. We are not responsible for content which we did not produce.

It is not permitted to modify, share, or convey the information or access information from the website outside the website or platform. The specific content, that can be shared outside the website, for example on your own social media channels, is separately marked as sharable.

7. Data Protection

Colosseum understands that your privacy is important and that you care about how your personal data is used. We respect and value your privacy and will only collect and use personal data in the manner and for the purposes as described in the Data Privacy Policy and in a way that is consistent with our obligations and your rights under the applicable legislation and regulations.

The applicable Data Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

8. Final Provisions

Colosseum reserves the right to change these General Terms at any time.

9. Questions? Please contact:

For all questions concerning the content and features of the CDG Academy website please contact:

Colosseum Dental Group Academy at e-mail: academy@colosseumdental.com

For all questions related to data privacy and protecting your personal data please refer to the Privacy Policy published on the CDG Academy Website.

Version 10.2020